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Content delivery networks (CDNs) are an essential part of the Internet which everyone of us uses every day. Despite this, most of the global web traffic is routed by just a handful of large corporations. At Nexusless, we are building the first CDN with a blockchain-based public market where anyone can earn money for turning their computers and smartphones into nodes that store/deliver web content. In order to get there..

..content delivery needs to evolve:

Closer to the users
A distributed network of peers which store and serve content ensures the closest (and fastest) possible route for any request.
Tamper-proof storage
Web pages are stored as parts of a global cryptographic graph, which means all content is permanent and immutable.
Market pricing
The optimal cost of content storage and distribution is determined in real time using a blockchain-based marketplace.
Failsafe caching
Multiple copies of each file ensure constant availability regardless of traffic surges or individual node failures.
Reliable uptime
Content delivery requests switch intelligently between the most suitable nodes as the network evolves over time.
Unlimited scalability
Free from the constraints of data centers and points of presence, this network’s only true limit is the Web itself.

Anyone can earn money on Nexusless

Nexusless provides a decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace for the tremendous unused storage and processing power that sits on our desks and gets carried around in our pockets.
Install the Nexusless app on your device
Allocate a part of device’s storage and processing
Get paid for serving websites from your device

How does Nexusless work?

Cached web pages are stored securely on multiple peer devices comprising a distributed swarm. The end user receives content from the optimal (closest and fastest) active node. Content consistency is ensured by unique cryptographic identifiers. Learn more + white paper
How Nexusless works How Nexusless works (mobile version)

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