Building a More Open and Equal Web

Despite its ubiquity, the modern Internet is only three decades old. It is constantly evolving and improving, yet it is also prone to massive centralization, which leads to aggregation of power in the hands of the few that control the top nodes of the network. We can do better than that.
Our vision is a free and open Internet built foremost for the benefit of individuals, not large corporations or oppressive governments.
Nexusless vision: step 1
We want to empower people to compete with the leading traditional services, while providing a way for anyone to monetize their data.
Nexusless vision: step 2
Getting there requires creating and deploying smart technologies that foster decentralization and broad positive network effects.
Nexusless vision: step 3

We are Nexusless Research

— a small but diverse team of professionals who are enthusiastic about moving the Web forward. By combining deep expertise in computer science, math, business and marketing we strive to find practical solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

The Nexusless legal entity is registered in the European Union (Riga, Latvia) and therefore follows all norms and regulations of the EU. We have obtained official statements from the country's State Tax Authority and Financial Markets Commission as to the legal compliance of the project, and are cooperating with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia with respect to improving the blockchain ecosystem in the country.

Our advisors and partners

— we are proud to receive guidance, coaching, and constructive criticism from leading experts with many decades of combined experience in building and growing technology focused ventures.

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