We’re thrilled to announce the date of the limited pre-sale for the NXLS tokens! The token generation event will serve as the next step in the evolution of the Nexusless project – building the first peer-to-peer content delivery network where anyone can get paid for pledging the unused capacity of their computers and smartphones to deliver websites, video, and other web data to end users. Read on for detailed information on the token sale:

Pre-Sale Details

The capped pre-sale opens at 12:00 GMT on the 29th of March. Each participant will receive a bonus of 30% with respect to the base price, which means 1 ETH will buy 650 NXLS instead of the base price of 500; minimum participation threshold is 1 ETH. Anyone willing to take part in the pre-sale will need to complete the whitelisting form before sending the contributions – this is needed to ensure that the KYC (Know Your Client) standards are being observed; please see next section for more details.

Whitelisting Now Open

Starting from the 23rd of March, 2018 everyone interested in participating in the pre-sale will be able to provide the necessary information for entering the crowdsale whitelist. The main purpose of this procedure is to ensure that Nexusless token sale adheres to the existing legal requirements with respect to the origin of funds.

Join the whitelist

In order to minimize your whitelisting time, please make sure all information is correct and the photos of documents are clear and well-lit. Please allow 1-2 business days for verification, our team will be in touch with each participant to provide precise information on how to buy NXLS tokens during the pre-sale. Any incoming transactions from non-whitelisted wallets will be automatically rejected and refunded.

In case of difficulties or questions regarding the whitelisting process don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact form.

General Token Information

The NXLS token is an integral part of the Nexusless content delivery network, serving as the medium of exchange on the platform. Content originators will be able to reward participating edge nodes with NXLS tokens, convertible to ETH and other currencies on exchange platforms and connected wallets.

Token Distribution

The total supply of all minted NXLS tokens will amount to 14,187,500, of which 80% will be offered in the crowdsale, with the remaining pool split evenly between the team/supporter fund and the marketing reserve.

The former will be used to provide long-term incentives for the people making Nexusless happen, as well as our advisors and partners. The marketing reserve will be used for incentivizing the early adopters in order to scale the network after launch.

Company Information

The Nexusless legal entity is registered in the European Union (Riga, Latvia) and conforms to all norms and regulations of the EU. We have received official opinions from the local State Tax Authority and Financial and Capital Market Commission as to the legal compliance of the project, and are cooperating with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia with respect to improving the blockchain ecosystem in the country.

Connect and Stay Informed

To get the latest news and updates on the Nexusless token sale, join our official Telegram channel or follow our Facebook page, we’ll be happy to see you in our community.

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