We’re happy to announce the second iteration of the main feasibility whitepaper for the Nexusless network. The new version expands on the previously under-discussed topics of capabilities, requirements and risks for a peer-to-peer distributed CDN (content delivery network) as well as incorporates valuable comments, ideas and criticism from our advisers and peers.

The most notable changes and additions to the new version of the Nexusless technical whitepaper are listed below:

  • Added an overview of key existing concepts and technologies (creating a new section, 1.2); this is still an ongoing process, we’ll be adding to this section in the future.
  • Revised the network design illustrations (figures 1 and 2 in sections 2.2 and 2.3, respectively). These became quite a bit simpler to convey the idea more clearly.
  • Updated the primary network protocol sketch in section 2.5. Earlier reviewers have pointed out certain inconsistencies in the way it is organized, so those needed to be corrected.
  • Mathematically formalized the definition of network consensus in section 3.2; this will help better understand the required risk mitigation mechanisms for the Nexusless blockchain.
  • Expanded the discussion about service prices/costs and resource consumption by the Nexusless peer-to-peer network (new section 4.3).
  • Updated and expanded the list of topics for further research (included in section 5.2); again, this one will keep growing as the current research progresses.
  • Added more references to certain previously unsupported claims throughout the paper. A big thanks to all reviewers for pointing out the places where more substance was needed.
  • Completely reworked the abstract for better readability and clarity. We’ve moved most of the “lyrical” bits into the one-pager and focused on the technical information here.

The latest edition of the paper is available on our How It Works page as a downloadable .pdf document. We are always eager to hear your thoughts regarding the concepts we are working on – join our official Telegram channel or simply drop us a line if you have something to say.


whoa nice work the paper is now I think one of the most comprehensive whitepapers Ive seen in a while. keep it up!

when will you publish more info about the ico? whill it ever happen at all?

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