Meet the foundation of tomorrow's Web

The first blockchain-based, 2p2 network for delivering web content (websites, streaming video, VR) where anyone can earn income by pledging the unused uptime of their computers and smartphones.

The Pre-Sale Is Now Closed, Main Sale Coming Soon:

Official pre-sale starts in:
In order to participate in the capped pre-sale round, all interested parties need to pass the KYC (know-your-client) procedure and get their Ethereum wallet address whitelisted by our compliance team. After you've been whitelisted, you can proceed to buy NXLS tokens

Technical Whitepaper

Nexusless is based on existing and proven technologies, including IPFS, blockchain, and the Lightning protocol - combined with novel solutions such as proof of delivery.

What's special about Nexusless?

Unique product
The only decentralized web content storage/delivery network that can compete with existing CDNs in speed and security.
Proven technologies
Nexusless builds on existing concepts and code successfully demonstrated by projects such as Filecoin and Bittorrent.
Visionary team
We are working for a new, more equal Internet where anyone can become a service provider and get paid for their efforts.

Serving a large and growing market

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$7.5 billion
Web content delivery market size in 2017 (source)
32% / year
Expected CDN market growth rate to 2022 (source)

See the Prototype

We have decided to reveal the first iterations of the front-end of the Nexusless edge node client (content originator client coming soon). Use the mouse or touch the screen to interact with the prototype.

We are Nexusless Research

The Nexusless legal entity is registered in the European Union (Riga, Latvia) and therefore follows all norms and regulations of the EU. We have obtained official statements from the country's State Tax Authority and Financial Markets Commission as to the legal compliance of the project, and are cooperating with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia with respect to improving the blockchain ecosystem in the country.

The Team

— a small but diverse team of professionals who are enthusiastic about moving the Web forward. By combining deep expertise in computer science, math, business and marketing we strive to find practical solutions to the problems of today and tomorrow.

Our advisors and partners

— we are proud to receive guidance, coaching, and constructive criticism from leading experts with many decades of combined experience in building and growing technology focused ventures.

Nexusless token offer details

Out of the maximum token supply of 14,187,500, a total of 11,350,000 NXLS tokens will be distributed in the public sale, of which 975,000 will be allocated during the pre-sale phase.
public token sale
marketing reserve
team (1yr lock-up)
Pre-sale details
Tokens issued in pre-sale
first come, first served
Token pre-sale bonus
Token pre-sale start
March 29, 2018
Token pre-sale end
April 11, 2018
Pre-sale refunds or moneybacks
Min. pre-sale contribution
General information
Nexusless token symbol
Maximum tokens sold
Token base price
0.002 ETH
Token distribution
Accepted payment currencies
KYC and AML compliance
Restricted countries
US non-accredited

Project timeline

Q4 2017
Concept development
Q1 2018
Q2 2018
Token sale
Product development
Q3 2018
Product development
Growing the team
Q4 2018
MVP deployed
Marketing tests
Q1 2019
Full-scale deployment
Building the ecosystem
Q2 2019
Scaling the network

Selected Press and Media

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